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When it comes to character movements in Maziwa Part 2, we have narrowed it down to two possible solutions that both could fit our needs. Let’s call them Dynamic and Custom movement.

Dynamic movement means that the players can choose to move the character to wherever they please, as long as the target resides in a specified area, e.g. the ground. The basic concept is to compare the two positions; starting location and target location, and pick a suitable animation to go along with the movement.

There would have to be approximately eight different animations to take care of the possible interactions (see image above), and these could, in theory, be reused indefinately.

Custom movement, although lacking in free roam capabilities, relies onĀ  unique traversing animations for each interaction (see below). From point A to point B a specially designed animation would be needed, as well as the return trip back to A.

When throwing in just a couple more interaction points that amount quickly rises to quite a hefty number of animations.

In both cases, other game related movements, such as interacting with certain objects, would also need to be implemented. These animations would however need to be created specifically for each unique interaction.

In the end we think it’s more than likely that we’re going to need both methods to create the gameplay we’re aiming at.


Posted 2009-11-12 by Anders in the categories